Red Quill–the Other Half

Hendrietta needed a mate and ‘Red’ should do.

I stripped peacock herl and touched it with a red marker, but that didn’t work out real well.

Perhaps I need some dye. Is that one method?


~ by John McGranaghan on January 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “Red Quill–the Other Half”

  1. John, usually a red hackle quill is stripped for this pattern… A cheap hen neck will provide you with enough to last a lifetime.

    • Thank you anonymous. I tied one with quill from a red died hen neck just after this one. To my eye, the bodies of the makes I’ve seen locally are smoother than the round quills and more flat like the hero. Maybe it is just me.

  2. Well shit, shows you how well I know how to use these here blogs… John, this is your brother Mike Krol responding! I’ll show you a couple of neck examples when we chase steelhead in the next couple of months. Nice ties, BTW!

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