Red Quill with Hen Quill

I’m just not convinced that this is a better match.

Just not sure.


~ by John McGranaghan on January 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “Red Quill with Hen Quill”

  1. Looks good, but based on lighter abdomen color, to me it looks more like the light Hendrickson female than the red quill male.

    • That’s what I thought, Gerry. The quill came off of a red hen, but apparently the die didn’t penetrate the quill.
      BTW–caught my first Swift River ‘bow today!

  2. John,
    I think these Catskill type flies ALWAYS fish better with a v cut into the bottom of the hackle on the fly. They sit lower in the meniscus. The only exception to this is if the fish are keyed on emerged duns that are skittering on the surface.
    Just my opinion.

    • Jimmy–that makes sense based in part on why comparadun flies work so well. I’m thinking a fly can be adjusted streamside easily. Great input!
      Thanks. When are you heading up?

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