Quail Safari Part Deux

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I finally got some additional pictures!  Mr. Cory Cooper and his young Llewellin, Wayland. A handsome chestnut Llew that is fast developing into a fine upland hunter.

Thanks again to both Coop and Zeke for a great time and instruction. Looking forward to the future.

Oh–almost forgot. Coop cooked up some awesome venison saturated with some ultra-secret marinate. Delicious!

If you look carefully–you can see Coop and Wayland way out across that valley.


Wild Quail, Llewellins and Good Folks

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Our first western wild quail safari was a great success. The experience of the vast prairie and what lives and grows there is something that I am very thankful for. The prairie is truly a beautiful place and the vistas from atop a hill or ridge are breathtaking. So much land to walk. It seems impossible to cover a mere fraction on any given outing. Take away? Hope and realization is just another hundred yards over that way.

New friends, good weather, watching dogs work and enough birds to make tails wag and humans to smile. It was said that the quail numbers were not near what they have been at other times, but for this Northeast grouse and woodcock hunter–more than enough.

I saw a number of mule dear and a couple porcupines. The encounters did not go well for either dogs or porcupines, but after some time the dogs were fixed up and ready to go.

Old Tucker did well enough in a new environment. Yup–I am real proud of him. Man, these dogs have heart!

Thank you Zeke. I sure appreciate letting me tag along and learn and benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Kudos to Gun Dog Supply

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I had ordered Lewis dog boots for Tucker and they somehow got lost in shipping, so I contacted the folks at Gun Dog Supply as I was planning to leave on a hunt two days from then–first thing in the morning.

No hesitation–they overnighted another set and sure enough we have them here now.

Fantastic Job. They are the best.

Beaver River WMA

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The decision is made! First western quail hunt is to be in the Oklahoma panhandle where the numbers are reported to be good. Can’t wait to see how old Tucker does on the prairie. I intend to take lots of pictures and maybe even take a bird or two for my pawed friend.


About 18,000 acres of fun to explore in three days.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.25.50 PM

Dog Boots

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I have learned that there is a need for paw protection where quail, pheasant and prairie chickens hang out in Oklahoma and Kansas. They call these things sand burs and although I have seen them in sandy areas in New England, I don’t recall ever seeing them in Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock covers.

Nasty little things they are and could put a halt to a hunt and cause a bird dog some pain. We don’t want either, so measures are called for.

There are several choices in dog boots including a variety of DYI types, but I’ve decided to go with Lewis Dog Boots. They are favored by many upland hunters–so I’ve ordered a set of four for Tucker. The vented type are suggested in warm climates.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.42.24 PM

I’ve long done business with Gun Dog Supply and was glad to see that Steve Snell of Gun Dog Supply carried them. Ya–a little promotion there. Steve is a fellow dog man and upland hunter and it follows that he is well aware of what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll report on them following next weekend’s adventure.

The Prairie and What We May find There

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In anticipation of the soon to start bird hunting season, I’ve been doing my best to figure out some opportunities to get Tucker within ‘nose’ of some wild birds. In every point of the compass from here (but east) are the promise of either or both pheasant, quail and prairie chickens. All of this is going to be new to both Tucker and I, so along with the usual heart fluctuations accompanying the anticipation of the hunt, is brand new terrain and prey. We’ve sorted out our gear and supplies and are pretty much ready to go.

A new collar with the new address brass plate has been ordered along with a cool folding ramp to make it easier for Tucker to get in and out of the truck. He is gonna love it and so is my back.

The southern edge of the Flint Hill area of Kansas is less than 3 hours drive and we’ve also zeroed in on a large public access area of Kansas just southwest of Liberty, Kansas about 6 hours drive right on the Oklahoma border. This area is in the region where the density of pheasant is highest as reported by the Kansas folks that keep track of such things. The above mentioned area is one of a huge number of what are referred to as WIHA areas (Walk In Hunting Access). Its a program that manages an “effort to enhance the strong Kansas hunting heritage by providing hunting access to private property. The program has grown to one of the most successful access programs in the country.”


This spot will allow for some exploring in Oklahoma as well–killing two (or more) birds with the same gas consumption.

This is all very exciting.

I hope to take a bunch of good pictures of the new adventures.

Prairie bound.


Photobucket “Blackmail”

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Ya ya ya–I get the gotta make money thing, but it was tough to swallow going from ‘free’ to $400 a year. Billions of broken links all over the interweb landscape.

I’ve begun to try and find a fix for the many broken links here.

Wish me luck.

PS–I am open to suggestions.

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