Puppies Do the Darndest Things

•November 5, 2018 • Leave a Comment

A little trick Tucker just taught Max. They are all about everything ‘birds’.

Max, it seems is channeling Bromley.




New Puppy-New Shotgun

•November 2, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Max deserves it.


Well, its an excuse for a much needed new smoothbore. I had sometime ago sold two 16 gauge SxS shotguns and have missed them, so I decided on a modern one that can handle modern loads and give me years of reliable service while looking good.

This is a FAIR Rizzini ‘Iside’ 16 gauge 28″ with screw-in chokes weighing just at 6 pounds with perfect for me measurements of 15-1.5 and 2 3/8. She points right where I’m looking. For the price, it exceeded my expectations all around.

I’ve only shot her thus far at the patterning paper, but the season will start before long.

Tucker & a Gift of Yeti

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A very good and kind youngish man named Olaf, who I met in Texas a while back loves dogs. I reckon Olaf appreciates folks that appreciates dogs and got it into his head to do something as a tribute to such and to to my Tucker.

Olaf asked for a picture of Tucker and so I sent this, which is a sketch that my wonderful wife, Toni did.

Olaf had this Yeti cup laser etched for us. A gift I will treasure for the duration.

Thanks, my friend.

PS–the cups works in singular fashion.

PSS–Toni coined the phrase “Settertude” to describe the attitude of the English Setter.

Backyard Play

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I wish I had the camera ready a few minutes before these were taken with the help of my wife Toni. Max locked up on a butterfly pretty as can be with hard level tail, high head and paw up with that intensity we look for. That one where he is crouched low was held just like that for the longest time. This is gratifying.

Can’t hardly wait for us to chase birds. Time flies as do the birds.


Packrat = Quail Thief

•October 22, 2018 • Leave a Comment

I have been holding off the telling of this story. This migrated Yankee had never seen or heard tell of such a thing. I’m not even sure if we have packrats or wood rats back in New Hampshire. Shoot–we don’t have armadillos either, but that is another story.

Anyway, the event being reported took place a way out in the west of the ‘Sooner’ state in that section referred to as the ‘panhandle’ on the eastern edge of a vast tract of land covered with various grasses, sage and plum thickets–an area where ‘Gentleman Bob’ lives. Apparently, it is also a place where packrats live. I mean–who thinks about packrats and quail in the same consideration?

On with what happened….

There were three sets of human eyes and at least two and maybe three dogs within eyesight and snifter range that were struggling through some of the thickest mess of brush, bramble and briar that one can imagine because it was suspected that a covey had flown into that tangled hillside earlier. There were singles and stragglers. Or just ones that hadn’t made it over the hill for some reason. The dogs were in the thick of it and struggling just as we were—about that time a bird got up about 30 yards over and left flying to the right–pretty much as perpendicular a flight path as they get. The barrels of my 20 gauge 101 went up, followed the flight path, and went just ahead when the trigger got pulled.

Mr. quail went down. Three sets of eyes marked it from the vantage of a hillside. There was no mistake– all agreed. Over the next several minutes which led to about 30 minutes of searching utilizing eyes and noses came upon a big ‘ol packrat nest. After a somewhat befuddled interchange and more searching, it was unanimously decided that the packrat stole that quail. The quail went down, much searching was done. What other possibility exists?

Beware of packrats. They will steal your birds.

Puppy Grunts

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Is there anything more wonderful? They say cat purring is soothing, but they don’t hold a candle to a puppy grunt while settling into a restful nap.

I mean, if you were sitting in someones lap and began to grunt softly—what frame of mind would YOU be in?

Something to ponder.


Puppy Points In Cover

•October 18, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Max is now about 14 weeks and just full of bird dog potential. Today I took him out to a spot that may hold a covey to see what we may get lucky and smell. Max did great on the edges and even braved the grasses some, but at his age its difficult. Nevertheless, the exercise and exposure to prairie grasses and more are always a good idea. He showed boldness, prey drive (in the form of a grasshopper) and a willingness to get out about 75 yards.

I was very pleased to see that his ‘recall’ lessons are bearing fruit. Each time I whistled him in, he returned at a happy sprint–all the while dragging a 25 foot check cord.

I saw at least two good points. We both enjoyed the outing a great deal.

If you look carefully, you can see him away in that taller than him stuff.

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