Puppy Grunts

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Is there anything more wonderful? They say cat purring is soothing, but they don’t hold a candle to a puppy grunt while settling into a restful nap.

I mean, if you were sitting in someones lap and began to grunt softly—what frame of mind would YOU be in?

Something to ponder.



Puppy Points In Cover

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Max is now about 14 weeks and just full of bird dog potential. Today I took him out to a spot that may hold a covey to see what we may get lucky and smell. Max did great on the edges and even braved the grasses some, but at his age its difficult. Nevertheless, the exercise and exposure to prairie grasses and more are always a good idea. He showed boldness, prey drive (in the form of a grasshopper) and a willingness to get out about 75 yards.

I was very pleased to see that his ‘recall’ lessons are bearing fruit. Each time I whistled him in, he returned at a happy sprint–all the while dragging a 25 foot check cord.

I saw at least two good points. We both enjoyed the outing a great deal.

If you look carefully, you can see him away in that taller than him stuff.

To Pattern a Smoothbore

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It was time to discover just how much and where 7 1/2 shot hits at a given distance without over much wind or alien intervention.

Three pieces of cardboard. Two out of a Cylinder choked tube and one more out of a Modified choked tube. 16 gauge SxS for those that care about proper barrel orientation.

Referring to Cylinder (which is what I was really interested in) as I am prone to have .005 (SK) in that right barrel. Ya can’t write that if the barrels are stacked.

So–at 20 yards, the pattern is 30 inches but for a few fliers.

At 30 yards, the pattern is 36 inches but for a few fliers.

Modified it is around 24 inches.

This will do just nicely and I feel not need to have additional constriction in the right.


Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

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Just because…Max has entered the ‘wonderful twos’ phase. Big enough to stand up to look on tables and such. Clumsy enough to fall over.

Toni says he loves me…its in the eyes.

Perhaps its because I’m not as young as I once was and perhaps its because of the dogs past and the looking back, but I find myself more cognizant of the need to savor the moments–of puppyness.

It goes by faster than a rocketing grouse. Left to right.

Tail Feathers

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Not to be confused with the writings of a fella by the name of Gene Hill.

Setter puppy tail feathers along with those cool lines of feathering to be along the backs of legs and tips of ears. 12 weeks now. My they grow fast.

Oh–and by the way—Max got his first nail clipping last night. It barely disturbed his slumber. Such a sweet boy.

I may have mentioned earlier, but Max sleeps in the bed with us and more often than not makes it 6 hours or more before starting any puppy antics. Early morning antics seems have settled into a habit. That being pouncing on Dad’s head. Well—its coffee time, anyway.

First Puppy Outing!

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And everyone had a blast!

Its early yet, but Tucker found woodcock in this area last year. This gave Max a chance to run in cover and use his nose. He flash pointed a bird and then stood watching it flush and then continued to fool around where it was as though he was looking for another.

Perhaps my imagination, but it sure is fun. It was real evident that max took Tucker’s lead, but was very bold and at the same time keeping an eye on where Toni and I were.

A good time. So exciting to have a fresh new pup.

Blue Belton Doorstop

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I wonder if there is a market?


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