BUL Redux

•October 30, 2015 • Leave a Comment

I had a couple hours this afternoon so went out to a close by cover with the new Benelli and the pups.

This shotgun is a pleasure to carry and it comes up nice and quick right where it should.

Tucker did his typical job and although I was half bent over while getting that woodcock to fly, the BUL did its job. I think we are going to have a good long relationship.


Benelli Ultra Lite 12g 24″

•October 29, 2015 • Leave a Comment

I have wanted one of these shotguns for some years now and finally things came together to make it work.

It is my first auto loader. There are many very good ‘Upland Hunters’ who consider it the ultimate.

It is a divergence from the doubles I’ve long favored, but this wand handles like a dream.

Looking forward to following the dogs in the woods this weekend carrying the BUL.


Rainy Sunday Morning

•October 25, 2015 • 2 Comments

Its Sunday morning and raining in late October.

It is also the day after a wonderful day in the woods where the pups both did their work well.

Last evening they were both tired and fell to enjoying a good meal with some extra protein in the form of boiled chicken breasts prepared especially for them. They aren’t really spoiled as some would opine—but rather cared for as one would a human athlete needing muscle maintaining sustenance.

A rainy Sunday morning is a good time to remove the gear from the truck and sort things out; making sure electronics are charged, bells are intact and the first aid kit is up to snuff.

The faint rattle of the bells wakes both pups in the other room. Tucker the elder stays put with ears perked for further possible evidence that leads to departure.

Bromley joins me and is at that point glued to my side no matter where I go in the house. He is not about to let me get out of sight.

The rain may stop.

Well–the rain did stop.


Polls and Purses

•February 4, 2014 • 1 Comment

Excuse me for bringing up one of the two most important subjects that can be broached, but I just had a novel thought. Wouldn’t it be the same if ‘congress’ (and I use that term with hesitation), were to put the welfare of the republic ahead of their own self-interests? Hey fellas and fellettes in DC–how about functioning according to principle rather than carefully and cowardly first and always consulting the eight ball of polls and purses.

Winter is Here and Winter is When Fat Bikes Rule

•December 26, 2013 • 2 Comments

I had a wonderful time in the solitude and falling snow today. These are sled trails in the way back and not part of the networks. Not a soul in sight.


First Taste of Snow

•November 24, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Just a dusting with maybe an inch in some places, but it allows for imagination of what is to come.


Fat Upgrades, Changes and Blue Bling

•November 24, 2013 • Leave a Comment

So as with many things, this too is nearly inevitable. The stock Kona Wo has what I think is a great handling frame with the geometry that I like for the trails that I ride here in New Hampshire, but lacks somewhat in the component area. Serviceable, but with room for improvement. Starting with my trusty old Speedplay ‘Frogs’ to replace the Wellgo heavy plastic flats for clipped in days. Next some blue bling in the form of a Salsa seat clamp and anodized attachment bolts and cage. More serious stuff now includes a 27″ Carbon Monkey Lite bar and Surly Nates front and back. The cheap and heavy triggers and levers had to go so ‘Black ‘n Blue Beauty is now sporting a 2×9 drive train using SRAM 9 Gripshifters and rear D and a much better and lighter (I think) XT cassette and my trusty old Altek alloy levers. This stuff is easily a third of the weight of the original kit and oh so smooth. The grip shifters are what I am most used to, will save my arthritic thumb and allow me to keep warmer hands this winter. All good.

Thanks to my friend and excellent mechanic, Justin Rigoli. 


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