Old Hemlock/Ryman Setters Swim

In the off season, when we need to keep the dogs out of the grouse woods to allow the season’s broods to grow unmolested, we find things to do. On a hot day when the dogs have had enough of chasing butterflies, bees and yard birds–we go for a swim. When the wee plastic doggy pool isn’t going to satisfy, we head for a local pond or lake for a dip in nice cool water.

This is proof positive that its true. Old Hemlock-Ryman type English Setters love water.

OH Bromley absolutely loves the water and can’t hardly get enough. We dispel the long standing and erroneous prevarication to the contrary. It just ain’t so.

Old Hemlock Bromley swims for the sheer joy of it!

Our Llewellin Tucker for some reason wasn’t doing a lot of swimming today. He is a water lover, also.

Watch and see.

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~ by John McGranaghan on June 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “Old Hemlock/Ryman Setters Swim”

  1. Hey,Great photos,have to love the Ryman/Old hemlock setters…My male loves to swim in the lake all day,I also use him when Im wood duck hunting,my pups are 4 weeks old now and getting them walking around by the creek along with their mother….have a great day…

  2. That’s getting them out early!
    What kind of pups do you have?

  3. My pups are a mixery of Pinecoble,Alder run,Setters West etc…I have a creek right next door they are just exploring the new land…

  4. Jimmy, my OH Bromley’s mom is a Ryman out of Setters West–Becasse. Cool!

  5. Very nice,send me a email sometime to setters1973@gmail.com and will send you some pics,love fly fishing too,was checking out your flys,i fish the cranberry and elk river here in west virginia

  6. You bet! I’ll do that. I’m just setting here at my desk doing some writing and trying to hold off these large lap dogs.

  7. Beautiful dogs! I am looking for a “big” male (75+ lbs) to breed my female setter to. Do you have any or know of any? Thanks for your help.

    • Is your female an old hemlock? Old Hemlock owners have all agreed to keep the choices for pairings in the very capable hands of one Mr. Roger Brown. In part, this is an attempt at improving the breed by controlling and limiting the introduction of or continuing of unhealthy and undesirable traits in this line of english setter field dogs.
      I think it is a good plan and we hope to see better and better litters as a result.

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