I have a day off of work, today. A really cool policy where a day is given for each employee for their birthday.

Figured I’d tie flies and learn how to do videos on iPhoto, post them to utube and then to my blog. Pretty amazing and robust technology at our finger tips.

I hope you enjoy my first major production.



~ by John McGranaghan on January 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “FlyShow”

  1. John

    Very nice. Hope I helped with FFiNH and how you embed a video from YouTube. Over on my site you can do the same and it is much nicer in that you really embed the YouTube code and can make some changes if you like. Come over and try it. In the editor find the embed icon in the tool bar. Click on it and past the embed code and then pick how you want it displayed, left, right or centered. In YouTube you click on the embed icon and copy that text they display and that is what you past into my site. You can check some options in YouTube and also select different sizes for the vodeo, or do a custom one, I like this and usually use 500 x what ever it gives to display on my site. Give it a try and see how nice it is.


  2. Hey Lee–this is all very interesting. I’m looking forward to taking some videos streamside this year and then using the mac based software that I have to edit and produce and then post up. Nothing fancy, but I think it adds to blog posts and forums.
    I’ll mosey on over to your site ‘Lee’s Fishing Page’ (listed to the right under virtual places) and play around with that.

    Looking forward to wetting a line with you and chasing those natives.

    • John

      I have found that the best way to do video’s is to make an account on YouTube and post them there, then use the embeding code to post them where ever you want.

      I will keep in touch about a trip to the mountains in the early summer.


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