Backing is Backing

This is the time of spring when the birds are making little birds out in the woods, so we are careful to leave them be during that time. The woods out back, although we get a few birds that come through, hold no permanent dwellers.

So we have to take what we can get and what we have a lot of are squirrels and chipmunks. One of Tucker’s favorite off season diversions is chipmunks. He loves chipmunks and has an intimate relationship with a couple of them. One that lives under the stoop out front and another that hangs out on and under the back deck, but he actually lives under the shed.

These guys will tease him something fierce when he’s looking at them out the door windows. They will stare at each other for a long time as still as a mountain. Its fair game out in the woods though. Here is Bromley backing Tucker on a classic New England ‘chipmunk’ point.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 6, 2010.

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