English Setters Need Snowshoes

With the wife not feeling well today, the pups and I decided it was a good idea to get out of the house and let her sleep in peace for a while.

I threw the snowshoes in the car, loaded the pups and off we went. There has been a bunch of snow lately, so we knew what to expect and weren’t disappointed.

These guys would go all day, even all balled up like that! I sure wouldn’t. Then again I had snowshoes.

The dogs got birdy a few times, but we didn’t see or hear any grouse. We stayed down in the low hemlock areas and figured we might catch a grouse roosting, but we didn’t. There are still plenty of berries and even apples for easy picking–nice to see what with all of the snow this year.

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~ by John McGranaghan on January 29, 2011.

9 Responses to “English Setters Need Snowshoes”

  1. Great shots Parker. Looks like the pups had a blast! I was out on the snowshoes today as well, what a winter we are having. Cedar had a ball in it too, I’d give anything to have just one November day back though. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. It was a nice day to be out. It has been below zero and hovering not far above for some days and this outing gave us 34 degrees with the sun in and out. I’d like one of those November days back, as well.

  3. John

    A handsome brace of setters in a winter wonderland. Great pics, like always.


  4. great pics!!

  5. Thank you very much, fellas. With one of these digital cameras and with taking a couple hundred shots, even a blind squirrel will find a suitable nut–so to speak.

  6. Hey John,

    Where was that?


  7. Great photos. We have had no snow to speak of this year in Wales, so we feel a little cheated! Nice dogs.

    • Those pictures were from let year. I have neglected the blog since September and aim to change that. We have had little snow thus far this winter, but I’m sure it will come yet.

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