How Many Guns…? Gene Hill

Are Enough? And–did it back fire?

17th wedding anniversary morning and it occurred to me that a fine gift of understanding might be appreciated by my lovely wife and partner. This came in the form of her reading the chapter in ‘Mostly Tailfeathers’; the same as mentioned above. Over our coffee and the dogs twitching anxiously in an uncharacteristic manner, the pack witnessed tentative and suspicious smiles as pages turned until the part on a fine side lock being the best possible divorce preventive, where we all three were relieved to hear soft laughter. The kind of laughter that will assuage fears and satisfy a desired outcome. As the coffee and the chapter finished and the book lowered, a smiley sigh was heard and the following comment emerged piercing the only somewhat weakened tension felt by dogs and man–“You know honey, you could have a new gun every month, if you just planned it right”.
Now at the first (I think I can speak for the two with tailfeathers), this sounds like a very good result of a risky but well meaning gambit, but as the seconds rolled by through my agape silence–a sneaking suspicion of mistake has occurred. Now I’m not very bright as regards the oft confusing matter of the female mind, but prior experience suggests when I discover the reason for this sub-conscious unease mayhaps could be a discrepancy of appreciation of cost–which case, may point to my historical lack of full disclosure.

I need advice as to just how to proceed. Please.


~ by John McGranaghan on August 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “How Many Guns…? Gene Hill”

  1. Maybe its like my Mom and dad’s deal, he could get what he wanted as long as she got equal compensation to spend on her desired item-

    • Her reward is having me out of the house while hunting and fishing. Once in a while, she gets to bring her pair of shoes to the cobbler for to repair holes.

  2. I need to send you a copy of a book I wrote, “How to handle Women”. It is a compulation of all I know on the subject, gained from years of dealing with the fair sex, both from the benign and adversarial positions. My wife adds that at two pages in length it is a short read !!

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