Caramel Twist

Just having a bit of fun at the desk this hot afternoon and thinking of some ice cream concoction. I don’t have much in the way of ice cream fixings, so I made up this fly with the fixings that I do have.

Brown thread, peacock herl body, antron front and rear and hungarian soft hackle.

This one ought to confuse a big brown just enough to make him take it.

What do you think?

Caramel Twist Nymph


~ by John McGranaghan on July 6, 2010.

9 Responses to “Caramel Twist”

  1. Looks like a real pissa’ of a nymph! Keep that handy when the Slate Drakes are hatching.

  2. By golly, Gerry–I will.
    So far my experiments have been successful, but I am not sure about that antron–just seemed like I should try it.

  3. I use antron as a trailing shuck on my dries; sparse tail on emergers; a post on Parachutes – it is almost like SPAM – the perfect meat-product.

  4. Throw that sucker on a two hander and let it swing!

    Totally agree with Gerry, antron is the magic hatching shuck potion for just about any emerger, comparadun, may fly or caddis. You wouldn’t doubt Gary LaFontaine would you? Trout can’t resist that little dangling piece of protein.

  5. I’m all kind of encouraged to get this fly in the water!
    I’ll tie up a few different sizes later today and be ready to give the Caramel Twist, a whirl.
    Gary, I don’t wave a two hander around at all, but I imagine if I hook up with a monster, I can grab a bit of the butt section of this Sage XP for a six weight and wrestle her in on a good day.

    I would never be agin Mr. LaFontaine, God rest his soul.

  6. Fish that bad boy on a swing. That thing rising up through the water column will drive ’em mad.

  7. I likey!! Along with the swing don’t forget to try the “quartering upstream twitching dead drift.” as the fly passes some structure put a “tight” mend in the drift which simulates the Leisenring lift but in a half heartened attempt like the bug ust isn’t gonna make the hatch and is helplessly driftingin the current.

    • Thanks Ross and that is mighty fine advice.
      A tight mend for just a bit of life in the fly. The last exhausted attempt to make it. Ah–the life of a bug.
      So many don’t make it.

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