West Canada Creek and New Friends

I haven’t gotten around to discussing the playful Brook Trout yet, so in the meantime I’d thought I’d post a few pics that Mike K sent via email of our time over at West Canada Creek. We had a grand time and many fish were caught. All browns and although they weren’t large, we had plenty of fun.

I made the drive over from New Hampshire to upstate New York just last month. Can’t wait to go back!

The three of us had never met before this trip. The friendship was born on the internet and these upland hunting and dog related forums. We would never have met, were it not for this crazy technology.

BTW-Smoking is hazardous to your health, but does a fine job of keeping bugs at bay and pipes make good photo props.


~ by John McGranaghan on June 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “West Canada Creek and New Friends”

  1. Did this post go away or not. Sorry folks. This is a test. This new post seems to have disappeared from the blog.

  2. Hey…I regonize those mugs from the UJ!! Looks like it was a good time.

  3. Yup–we had a grand time, what with hobnobbing and such.
    There was some good home cooked eating and general mancavery.

  4. Wow! Nice group of pics! Is there anything more cool than good friends on the river? What an awesome brown. Photos give me the itch to learn more about pipes. Congratulations on what looks like an incredible day. Nice reel BTW. Peerless or Cascapedia? Can’t tell from the resolution.

  5. Hey Mike–thanks for filling us in. Although that reel isn’t inexpensive, I’ll bet considering its rarity and such–that it’s worth having for someone with some bucks burning a hole.

    BTW–shucks. I felt that I came away from our time together very much enriched and as you say looking forward to more time spent.
    Its a beautiful thing–looking forward to developing friendship.

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