New Rod From Hardy–Zenith Sintrix

The Hardy Zenith Sintrix 5 weight.

Could it be the best 5 weight fly rod ever made? Could this really cool ‘transwarp-like’ future nano technology sounding material and application transport us to places we’ve never been before? I’m not sure, but it is really cool!

Nano, nano.

I got to try one out this weekend at the Fly Show and I liked it. I didn’t get a hook up, but casting in the demo pond was enough to tell me that a second look is warranted. It was very smooth, powerful and seemed effortless to me; loading and unloading like being assisted by intelligent wee nano-bots adapting to my casting stroke. I had a smile on my face the entire time, despite the fact that my CCI mentor was standing next to me. I fish a Sage XP–also a fast action rod and the one I thought of when waving the Zenith around; but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the difference in the smooth taper and consistent power along its curve. I’d like to spend some ‘reel time’, with a few fish on– to get the A to Zenith.



Hardy Sintrix Fly Fishing Rods on test Florida KeysHardy Sintrix Logo

Hardy SINTRIX™ fly fishing rods are the best rods we have ever produced. They are beautifully balanced, lightweight with  crisp clean actions that provide both superb casting and fish playing characteristics. They are also phenomenally strong thanks to the revolutionary nature of our new SINTRIX™ material.


SINTRIX™ is the trade-marked brand name for Hardy & Greys new composite rod material. The material was initially developed by 3M in the USA for the aerospace industry.

3M has only awarded four fishing tackle companies licences to use its base silica nano matrix material. Hardy & Greys Ltd. Is the only UK brand with a licence. The specific mix of material used for SINTRIX™ is exclusive, and therefore unique, to Hardy & Greys Ltd.

The Material

SINTRIX™ is carbon fibre held together with a resin impregnated with silica nano spheres. This technology is brand new and produces a material that is significantly stronger and potentially lighter than traditional carbon fibre.

There are two key advantages provided by silica nano spheres. First is the even distribution of the nano spheres throughout the resin providing equality of strength throughout the blank leading to crisp and clean rod actions. The second advantage is that silica nano spheres resist compression forces better than any other known material. This results in a fishing rod that is at least 60% stronger than a standard carbon fibre rod without interfering with the action. The improved compression characteristic also greatly improves impact resistance and durability.

SINTRIX Features

Because SINTRIX™ material is stronger, in some cases less material is required and thus a rod can be lighter than an equivalent carbon fibre model. Weight savings of upto 30% are possible.

SINTRIX™ is significantly different and better than carbon nano tube materials currently in use with other manufacturers. Carbon nano tubes do not  distribute evenly within resins and are prone to conglomeration. This creates adjacent areas of strength and relative weakness leading to failure. Hardy & Greys have extensively trialed nano tube technology rejecting it for its only marginal improvements and considerable inconsistency.


There are two Hardy SINTRIX™ fly rod ranges available in early 2011.

Zenith Sintrix Flyfishing rods LogoHardy Zenith Sintrix Flyfishing rod Proaxis LogoSintrix Proaxis fly fishing rod
Zenith SINTRIX™is a freshwater single handed fly rod range with eleven models ranging from an 8′ #4 to a 10′ #8. All rods are four pieces and will retail between £500 and £650. Proaxis SINTRIX™ is a saltwater single handed fly rod range with seven models ranging from a 9′ #6 to a 9′ #12. These rods are four piece but five models will also be available in one piece versions. The rods will retail between £500 and £600

Hardy SINTRIX™ fly rods are the best rods we have ever produced. Are they the best fly rods in the world? That’s for you to decide. Try them at our official Hardy SINTRIX™ dealers from February 2011.


~ by John McGranaghan on January 18, 2011.

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