Tying Flies

I started tying my own flies a couple of months ago–finally. I’d been thinking about it for years, but for one reason or another hadn’t gotten around to it. After doing some reading, getting advice and  asking questions, I settled on a Renzetti Traveler. Its a true rotary vise, which I’ve found comes in real handy for looking at a fly from different angles and cleaning a fly up a bit with the scissors.

I haven’t used it to wind materials, but for the two things mentioned, I’m real glad that I went with the rotary. My first flies were wooly worms and wooly buggers and I’ve since tried Humpies, Adams, CDC Caddis, BWO’s, Quill Gordons and just today a Haystack pattern that I found online.

I’m really enjoying my new hobby and have even caught trout on my flies. I sure have gained a new and profound appreciation for you guys who tie so cleanly. Just when I think that I’ve done a half way decent job on a fly, I take a picture in macro mode and discover just how bad it is…well I’ve got something to shoot for anyway and there is always hope that my next fly will make muster.

I figured I’d give a try to a soft hackle wet fly. This is supposed to imitate an emerging caddis and my attempt with the materials on hand. Some green thread, a wee touch of olive superfine dubbing and some grouse feather for the hackle. I think I may have wrapped the hackle more than needed and given too much space for the head, but I’ll give it a whirl and see if it will catch a trout.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 9, 2010.

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