Tying One On

Copper John Red

A few months ago, I finally bit the bullet and began to tie my own flies. The first step was to begin looking at various makes and types of fly tying vises in order to get some measure of education, so I could make a decent decision and not regret it later. There are a ton of good ones out there and a few that aren’t so hot. After talking or corresponding with bunches of tying guys and the folks at Stone River Outfitters, I had decided on a few things that I wanted.

1. a true rotary vise

2. a bobbin cradle

3. a clamp type that I could later convert to a base mount

4. real good jaws

Cost was a real issue, but at the same time I wanted a reliable vise that would last me many years. I settled on the Renzetti ‘Traveler’ and I am very happy with this vise for my new vice.

Renzetti 'Traveler'

I have been accumulating tying materials pretty much on a ‘need’ basis, as I’ve attempted new techniques and flies. I am learning but have a long way to go before considering myself a ‘fly tier’ guy. Its great fun to make up your own patterns or play with variations on standards and a little more forgiving because nobody can say what the result was supposed to look like.

After a few months of doing this, I think its time to start to try and tighten things up a bit. As an encouragement to guys thinking about trying their hand at this game, the fish don’t seem to care. I have been fortunate enough to catch trout on most of the flies pictured and they are far from being well done.

Its great fun and adds a lot to the fly fishing experience. Along with the obvious pleasure of catching fish on home made flies, I’ve found myself thinking more about bugs and how they behave and as a result–presentation.

Give it a try! More toys–and you know what they say about more toys.

Copper John

Rusty Spinner

Black & White Flash

Keyboard Bugger

Parachute BWO

Brown & Grizz Bi-visable

Longshank Bi-visable

Black Pearl

Pretty Like a Bug

Ochre Candy

West Canada Wire Fly

Hare Transplant

Parachute BWO x2


~ by John McGranaghan on June 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tying One On”

  1. Right on Parker! I have a traveler and love it! I got my mine slightly used and have since worn the jaws out and am waiting on a new set of cam lever jaws but I really m sold on Renzetti vices! Good job my man! Now when you bringin those flies out to Idaho for the Henry’s fork?

  2. One of these days, Ross.
    One of these days.
    Believe you me–I’d love to get back out west–sooner rather than later.

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