Hatch’s Emerger IV–Partridge Sans Wire

Well I know I said that I was about over tying this pattern for now and ready to move on, but…

I decided to leave off the wire and I was having so much fun, I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop I tell ya. This pattern has a hold of me. I might need some intervention before its over.

I’m thinking that ‘Hunter’s Best’ head cement will be enough to hold these babies together long enough to catch several fish each.

Different colored thread gives a wee variety. These are all tied on 16 dry fly Mustads.

I think I’m done! Maybe.


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~ by John McGranaghan on February 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hatch’s Emerger IV–Partridge Sans Wire”

  1. Just came across your blog today. This is the greatest thing I’ve come across online in years. Setters, grouse, and trout might be three of my favorite things as a Loyal Order, RGS, and TU member here from Vermont. For some reason I thought those that were passionate about these things generally didn’t have internet yet. Glad to see that I’m wrong.

    • Wow! That is some encouraging word.
      I’m glad that you found my wee blog. I hope that I can provide some decent content in the future.

      Very soon–I’ll be reporting on my below average sporting clay efforts and I think before too many more days, some actual fishing.

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