Orange Belton Mud

With a nice drop in temperature lately and dryer air, it seems a good time to wind out some of those summer doldrums. We took a nice walk up one of those old class six roads in New Hampshire and found the remains of an old beaver impound and the results of a very dry summer.

Why is it that white dogs with long feathers are so adept at finding the smelliest, nastiest, in the prime of decomposition mud holes and then jump right in?

Sorry I didn’t take more pictures. Its not acceptable to let such a dog into the wife’s outback, so we had to detour trail right on the way out to a duck pond that is more sandy than muddy. That helped but it was still necessary to do a proper rinsing in a clean lake on the way home.

How lucky we are, in New Hampshire, to have so many great lakes and ponds dotting the landscape.

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~ by John McGranaghan on August 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Orange Belton Mud”

  1. Gotta love it! Muddy pup = happy pup = trashed vehicle 🙂

  2. John,
    Not just a dog loves a mudhole.

  3. He’s awful handsome in his mud splattered coat regardless!

    Best regards,
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: I Would Rather Hunt, than be Hunted

    • Thanks Albert–he is a handsome devil and mud or not, we’ve decided we’ll keep him around and feed him.

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