March Brown Wanna Be

The medicine I need is around the corner and at least in name, I thought I’d pay homage to that time and what drifts on by.

A friend suggested the pattern I’ve been tying of late might make a facsimile of the bug if tied a wee larger. A twelve to be the target.

The one is quilled with the same peacock and the other with red rooster streamer quill. Local Ruffed Grouse for the hackle and a bit of hare’s ear dubbing. They look awful buggy to my eye. As to a match–I dunno. Maybe they would fool a half blind hatchery raised trout.


Mouse it for trout vision.


~ by John McGranaghan on February 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “March Brown Wanna Be”

  1. Hi John

    I see you have changed theme for your site. It looks good but has a few problems, some of the text is hard to read, the text under the header “Thoughts of woodlands, streams and what we find there” is real hard to read, at least for me on my computer. Other then that it looks nice, but I have found that a dark background is not always the best for a web site. My first was like this, dark (black) background and it was not always the easiest to keep readable. Just my thoughts, don’t take it personnel.

    Think Spring

    • Not at all, Lee it is in process. I’m learning to write CSS and I had those very things in mind. Matter of fact, I’m going back to it right now.
      I like the input.

  2. John you can’t see a thing in the comment input window.

  3. That looks much better John. Now I like what I see.


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