Plagiarizing Scammer

I am posting this here with a link to some information of importance that Albert A Rasch has put together at his blog.

Apparently there is an unethical individual who has been stealing content and presenting it as his own at various blogs and websites and making money doing it.

This is an attempt at helping to uncover this guy and put more pressure on him to stop his deeds.


~ by John McGranaghan on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Plagiarizing Scammer”

  1. Parker,
    Thanks for the link. This Osterholt is a huge pain in the rear, and has just made too great a nuisense of himself.

    Thanks again!
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

  2. Regrettably this sort of thing happens all the time. Take a look at the MoldyChum blog. It’s little more than a content aggregating site and does almost nothing to provide credit to the original source, if any. I’ve caught several posts that have shown up as his own work that I know isn’t.

    • Regrettable to be sure and of course predictable.
      In every endeavor and at every turn, the bad guys show up.
      Men without morals, ethics or principals–other than to satisfy their own desires and weak psyche.
      Fortunately the very same access to people and information that provides a forum for their misdeeds, provides a conduit in which he can be combated.

      Thanks for that link and post, Gary.

  3. The Moldy Chum eh? Hmmm, might have to go and take a look at that and see what I can do about it. It just makes me angry! I know that a lot of folks work real hard on their blogs and writing, and to see it ripped off by someone trying to make a buck, well I’ll do what I can to stop them!

    Best regards,

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