Low Flying Aircraft and Moose in Road

So I’m heading up to middle Maine on I95 in the pouring rain and I’m telling my hands to please loosen up on the steering wheel a little bit because the near death grip is starting to make my elbows ache. For some reason, I can’t seem to see while driving in rain as well as I once could. Maybe I’ve just grown more cautious or maybe there is something about aging eyes. I’m really not sure, but I think its real and I’ve found the same to be true driving at night and most especially when both are happening at the same time. Night and rain. Well, such was not the case but it might as well have been the way my hands were acting.

Anyway, I’m driving along like this and I notice a big sign to the left. Its not like the other signs. This sign is all white with big letters saying ‘watch out for low flying aircraft’. I got to thinking about that for a second while talking to my hands and trying to deal with the impenetrable walls of mist and water thrown at me and my Subaru Outback by passing tractor trailers.

Why the heck am I watching out for low flying aircraft when I’ve got my hands full of steering wheel while trying to deal with these big trucks and such? And what the heck business do aircraft have flying low over I95, anyway? And what was I supposed to do if I saw one? Duck? Sheesh. I was a little tense.

So, I’m trying to stop my eyes from darting skyward while mentally crafting a letter to the Maine Highway Department and peering through a wall of water and another sign catches my eyes.

‘Watch for Moose in the Road”–

For Pete’s sake! I don’t want to watch a Moose in the road and I darned sure don’t want to pull over now anyway. I’ve got to get up to my friend’s house and get the dogs out for a pee. Let those tractor trailer drivers pull over to watch the moose and maybe I’ll be able to see a little better. My nerves are shot! And the Maine Highway department guys think its a good idea to watch low flying aircraft and a moose in the road.

I don’t know. Maybe they just think differently up this way in Maine.

Mysterious Maine. I guess.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 21, 2010.

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