MayFly Tippet Post–post

Hello Out There!

Been away for a while, what with the new job distraction and such–figured I say something this morning even though the pain in my finger nails is aggravated by typing–I “endeavor to persevere”. (Quote borrowed from my favorite ‘Clint’ movie)

Got what I deserve for trying to be fancy.

For years I’ve just thrown a few spools of tippet in my vest pocket or on a lanyard and was blissfully ignorant of the cool stuff I was missing.

Got a nice fishpond chest pack, because my William Joseph hip pack didn’t work well when deep wading, although otherwise a well designed pack–even has a tippet dispensing system that seemed more trouble than it was worth.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. While the wallet was open for the new chest pack, my techie tending eyes caught sit of a nifty little aluminum tippet post all green anodized and reminding one of mtn bike parts and climbing gear.

Yes says I and the wallet–I need one of those to hang on my nifty new chest pack.

Well, yes sir–I’ve got a nice nifty looking aircraft aluminum green anodized modern high tech tippet post that my finger nails ain’t nearly strong enough to operate when time comes to add a spool of 4x.

Seems the key ring holder is sprung with steel enough to yank a ford truck out of a mud hole.

I reckon I need to look around the shop and see what facsimile I can find that doesn’t require ‘rapter’ talons to work.

Maybe Mayfly needs a phone call to suggest they add gelatin caps with the tippet post purchase.


~ by John McGranaghan on December 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “MayFly Tippet Post–post”

  1. John,
    Sorry to hear about the fingers.
    Personally, regarding the tippet post, I havent ever been able to get past just using one of the pockets in the wading bag to house all my tippet, of which I have way too much. I dont care for things hanging around my neck too much.
    I imagine that the cold of NH winters doesnt help the nails either.

  2. Not to worry, Jimmy.
    My good and wise mother raised me to stop just short of tearing off finger nails when attempting such.
    Problem solved and I like my tippet holder again…all is well.
    Remember that one particular spot up on the Pemi where trout were more than a bit anxious to hook up?
    Been thinking about that and how, if the ground isn’t too icy, it might be worth a try after the holiday. I suspect that there are a bunch of fish holding in there waiting for us.
    What say you?

  3. Ill be up the Thursday before Christmas through the day after and that section is closed at that point.
    Maybe we could try the Lamprey or one of the other two three river stocking areas?
    The other section open is below Ayers in Bristol for AS stockies.
    Let me know your schedule, as I plan to fish if possible.

    • Yup–sounds good. Either spot is possible. If time is short, then perhaps I’ll show you that special’ hole in our river–I’m real curious and hopeful that some of those big ones held over.

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