The one year old–points everything.

Setter Stare

He mostly likes doves and butterfly type things.
He now lifts his leg on a tree–mainly our fruit trees.
Likes my recliner–a lot.
Thinks he can type.


When Tucker and he are gaming, somehow he ends up with both toys in his mouth and a grin.
He doesn’t run when the nail clippers come out like his brother does.
He is more cute in a hundred ways than he ought to be and synergistically so as a pair.
He’s taken to liking shotguns.
Bird bags take up some of his sniffing time.
When I get up to pee at 3, he takes my spot–every time. He don’t move.
Seems to like the sound of my mouth whistle…or maybe he’s making sure I stop after once.
Jumping and twisting is more fun than just about anything.
He seems to want to make sure his tail is still there in the evenings.
Setter kisses…I think its genetic.
Taking a moment to smell the morning air.
Evening air.
Anytime air.
He smells air…I thought it was odorless.
He adores Toni.
Can’t make up his mind who’s food bowl is the best.
Ivermec and PB.
Jumping from couch to couch to chair without rug touching.
Sliding glass doors.
My recliner.
Head out of car window.
Cool tile floors.
The chipmunk lives under the stoop.
Being Bromley.
Being Tucker’s brother.
Golf carts.
Nieces and golf carts.
Toddlers are to be goofed with.
Tail wagging is a work out.


~ by John McGranaghan on September 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Bromleyisms”

  1. Wait til Christmas time, the list will grow immensely!!! I look forward to the update(s)…

  2. Bill–we had 3 grouse contacts yesterday and 5 today.
    For a total of 2 1/12 hours out.
    Looks like a good year coming.
    The young fella loves the smell of a ruff.

  3. Great, I hope you three have a great season. Give the boys a rub behind the ears for me. I have no idea whats in store. It will be a surprise.

    • It look like the cycle is nearing a peak and moving from west to east–I read that somewhere.
      Anyway–reports are good everywhere.
      Get out there and report back.

  4. Brom sure is a great looking fella. Glad to hear you are finding plenty of ruffs in your covers. How is the gun conditioning coming? Cedar has accepted the gun well, thankfully. Our season comes in on Monday…can hardly wait.

    • Hey Dave–Bromley is doing very well being shot over.
      Doesn’t appear to be any gun shyness.
      We still have two weeks to wait, but its coming quick this year.
      I hope the temps stay cool for us all.

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