A Wild Brook Trout Safari

Well maybe not quite a safari with Land Rovers, bearers and doubles but we hiked a bit and carried a small pack and had a couple dogs with us.

I’d been wondering about this wee brook for a few years having run across it while hunting the dogs. Wondering if maybe it held a wild brookie or two. Its far enough off of the beaten path that these fish are wild if not native. Its a few miles away from a stocked river, but could be that they came up the distance although there are many small falls and such that would make it difficult if not impossible even with high water. The brook is fed by more springs than I could yet count and sheltered well. I’ve seen cool water even in mid-summer. The recent rain obviously helped a lot, but this does run regardless.

Sure enough! There are brookies. I need to go back and fish more of it when Toni and the pups aren’t with me. I didn’t have much time fishing, but enough to fish a couple minutes before the black flies became too much for the Tonester. The best spots always seemed well draped with branches and stuff and boy that new JP Ross 5′ 2 wt. sure would have been handy today!

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~ by John McGranaghan on April 29, 2012.

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