Musing on the Fly and a Memory Hook

I’ve been thinking about my next trip to fish with friends Mike Krol and Mike MacDonald come spring. Macs home water is West Canada Creek and we have had some real fun there a time or three. I was looking through old pics and realized that I never did get around to posting about that last.

If memory serves we fished two days where one was sunny and the other a rainy one. West Canada is brown trout water. It is stocked, but also has naturally reproducing fish.

This is my smiling face and a typical West Canada Creek brown. The water was high and the fish finding deep holding spots. This fella and a couple more were dredged up from a depression formed just upstream from a riffle section. A tungsten weighted bugger was needed to get down there and it required several yards upstream to sink enough.

I can’t hardly wait to get back over there!


Another taken downstream from a large pool at the bottom of a fast section. This fella took it hard and wanted to find China.


Mr. Krol enjoying some rain. It was a tough day for a cigar or pipe.


Mr. Krol the day before in the sun. Check out that gorgeous reel. It is a ‘trout’ made by Mr. Paul Hermann and a beauty it is.

Every time I see that reel, I get all weak in the knees. Mike has a story to tell about how he came to it. Its a good one. Perhaps I can get him to share.



~ by John McGranaghan on February 11, 2013.

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