A Newfound River Rainbow

Newfound Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in New Hampshire and one of the cleanest lakes in the US of A. It runs up to a bit over 180 feet deep and the water is completely changed over twice each year by underground springs, keeping it crystal clear and wonderfully fresh and clean. The Newfound River is its outlet and is a joy to fish. The clarity of the water makes it relatively easy to spot fish, but on the other hand they can see you coming as soon as you shut the car doors.

The lake and river are known for its rainbow trout and from what I understand, the state’s record rainbow was taken from the lake.

There is a gorgeous fly fishing only stretch below the lake and that is where I visited yesterday.

I just love that water and on a warm day I am tempted to dip my hand in for a drink and I have thoughts of going swimming. I resisted the urge yesterday and just fished. I spent about an hour and half searching with various dries although I saw but one rise and no hatching bugs. It wasn’t until I tied on a size 20 copper john that I hooked up on this rainbow. He wasn’t one of the large ones, but had a nice girth to him and fought valiantly running in a nice deep pool and making my Sage 3200 large arbor sing on my 4 weight rod. Having just tied on a length of 6x tippet, I was a bit concerned that he would break me off, so I was careful to give him some room to run. I was rewarded with the most amazing flashes of his armor as the bright sunlight penetrated that crystal clear water when he worked his way up and down and across the pool.

A beautiful fish and was released healthy and strong. If you click on the picture, you get the full sized version.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Newfound River Rainbow”

  1. Nice lookin’ rainbow! Was he from the dam pool or downstream?

  2. Downstream close to the wee red house below the impound.
    Feisty he was. I needed to leave and so never did make it up to that section below the dam…not since winter.

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