Final Day of 2010

Farewell to the old and bring in the new.

It was an interesting year with the economies of many in flux or worse. A time of holding even more precious those people and things that give some seasoning to our lives. We are so very fortunate to have the time and means to pursue in leisure the activities that stir us, while enjoying the beauty and bounty of this blue and green orb called earth.

I am particularly blessed to have so much so close and requiring little travel expense and time to enjoy. There are places further away with more and bigger trout and with many more upland birds; yet those places further up the road are no more beautiful. For me, this makes the ‘places’ of grouse and trout shine all the more bright and each bird flushed and each fish on, all the more intense.

I had been thinking of fishing on the last day of 2010, but a conversation with my friend Ted brought me to my senses and a nudge in a direction less selfish. The pups needed and deserved a last chance at grouse.

The boys and I linked up with Ted Moore and Gary Sullivan for what was really a romp for the dogs as each of us had two making for 24 paws and six boots. Yesterday was a beautiful day with temps starting at about 30 and getting up toward 40. Just enough snow to make it winter and for the dogs to eat. There were plenty of grouse tracks and running bunnies, but we didn’t see or hear a grouse pointed or flushing. Old scent was pointed and the dogs were excited enough a time or three to make it worth their while–though a day romping on a winter mountain in grouse country is a fine thing anyway.

Ted’s little red setter, D.J. is a fine little fella that is all business until its time to lean on your chest in thanks. Bromley took a liking to him too and if Ted had let us, we’d both be glad to take him home–but little D.J. is clearly Ted’s dog.
Those two handsome bearded dogs belong to Gary. I don’t know much about them, but at one point when one wandered over to my piece of mountain and looked up into my eyes, I nearly fell in. They are beautiful animals and make a striking pose against white snow or blue sky.
Tucker hunted every corner and blow down as is his way and Bromley worked cover methodically as if he knew very well things like economy of motion and efficiencies.

One particular bunny was just too much for Bromley as he popped out just in front of his nose. A wee touch of the TT and a sharp ‘”no” turned him immediately and he was back in front of me about business. In that spot, there was plenty of recent grouse sign, so its no surprise.
There were a few points of grouse that were gone–again no surprise with six dogs running out front. A romp.
The pics aren’t very good–but they show the way it was.

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~ by John McGranaghan on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Final Day of 2010”

  1. Looks like a great day!

    Your dogs and Ted’s Red dogs looked like they were running hard!

    I didn’t get out on New Years Eve but I did get out on Christmas Eve. Couldn’t beat the weather for looking for birds!

    • Those dogs all have it in them to hunt hard and they always do. Sometimes its enough to break your heart–how hard they try for us. Its a beautiful thing!
      I’m glad to hear that you got out. I know its been a tough year for you. Let’s do that Fly Fishing Show in a couple weeks.

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