The New Scientific Angling–Trout and Ultraviolet Vision

I’ve just recently finished a reading of this book by one Mr. Reed Curry and found it to be very interesting. Reed has created and compiled a large base of both photographic and scientific notation, making the case for just how important an understanding of the subject can be for the artificial fly angler.

The New Scientific Angling

I can only imagine how much time and effort he put into the set up and photographing of so many sets of flies and materials that show such striking comparison between natural light and ultraviolet light reflectance and absorption. I’m glad that he did, for this treatise has given this fly angler an entirely different outlook on fly presentation and even consideration for the clothing that I wear while fishing for trout. I had no idea that trout see in the ultraviolet and certainly none regarding how that knowledge can aid in a choice of materials for the tying of flies.

It is particularly interesting to ‘see’ just why, from the trout’s perspective, that attractor patterns such as the Royal Coachman have been so successful the world over. It matches nothing that is alive in or around the water and yet trout have, by all accounts, gone after it. Many fly men have wondered just why this is so; and the answer to this mystery, as well as many others, is presented by Mr. Curry in very convincing form.

There is far too much information in ‘The New Scientific Angling’ to have been absorbed with one reading–rather this is a book to use as a reference for the rest of my angling life, as I apply the information to both the tying and presentation of artificial flies.

I feel as though I have taken one more step toward being able to ‘think like a trout’.

I am certain that Mr. Curry has started a course that many will follow and blaze even further.


~ by John McGranaghan on July 17, 2010.

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