Icing Guides and Hibernating Trout

Yesterday morning I met up with a friend before sunrise with air temp at 20 degrees and water at around 35-36.

The stars were bright and it felt like a hunting morning in November as I drove to our rendezvous. Although the river we chose is just calming after giant blocks of ice had passed, leaving the most perfect looking trout water, we knew that very few if any stocked trout would remain after such a long and fiercely dry summer past.

Nevertheless, the one had a brand new custom rod to toss and the other freshly acquired boots and waders to douse. Just as the morning gloaming appeared, we hit the water. Immediate icing, stuck reels, no fish and big smiles followed. Soon, we opined–maybe a couple weeks and those pods of hibernating fish will cooperate.

The undisclosed wielder of a new rod, just as the night turned to morning.


~ by John McGranaghan on March 27, 2011.

8 Responses to “Icing Guides and Hibernating Trout”

  1. I’ve been doing some research on N.H. and found your blog. Thanks for all information. Have a great season. Todd

  2. I am in the process of planning a possible summer trip with my family to the White Mt. area. Too many choices in your state!

    • Todd

      The White Mnt. of NH have some real great wild trout fishing. Check it out at my site “Lee’s Fishing Page”. Hope to fish with John sometime this spring or summer so maybe we can all get together and fish those wonderful Mountain Streams.


  3. Todd–have you decided on a general area to stay?
    Are you camping–either rough or car camping?
    Perhaps we can help some with those things.
    I have a couple of small streams that I have identified for this season. There are so many.
    Lee–we really do have to get together this season.

    • John

      We have to fish the Rocky Branch sometime in Mid June, should be great at that time. Keep in touch and we can plan a day to fish that great little river. Sneakers and shorts, can’t wait.


  4. Lee, Thanks for the info on your site.Nice job. Parker, I’ve been rock and ice climbing in N.H. for years. I’ve got the camping thing dialed. At this point I am planning at least three family trips this summer. Trying to make it all work between guided trips can be a juggling act to say the least.

    Thanks for the invite and all the help guys! Cheers, Todd

    • That’s great, Todd. I’ve got a wee background of rock, ice and winter mountaineering–though a modest one.
      I would suggest either Twin Mountain or the Kanc for a family thing.
      Let me know when you are up and maybe we can meet up and wet a line.
      I’ve got a place in mind back a ways that you’d find interesting.

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