Cooler Weather Should Improve Fishing

The evenings have brought temps down into the fifties

Its looking mighty good for the long weekend and I’m looking forward to doing some fishing. I’ve been a bit slack over the last two weeks.

Unfortunately I’ve been somewhat distracted with job hunting, interviews and waiting for phone calls. Ah, such is life. It seems that folks my age are at a disadvantage in the job market. I’m not complaining, mind you–just making an observation. I have a decent part-time job that provides what we need and many aren’t so well off.

Jersey Jimmy is coming up for the weekend and we’ll being heading up north for a day and then it looks like Lee G. and perhaps a friend of his and I will be heading up for a day to hit some cooler small mountain streams.

It all sounds awful good to me right now. I’ve got a few new home made flies that I’m eager to try out on something besides the imaginary trout that I conjure up from the land of the ‘wishful’.

I’m also looking forward to hanging out by the fire pit at home and watching the show all around us, including a neighbor that does a better job of it than the town.

Happy 4th!


~ by John McGranaghan on June 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cooler Weather Should Improve Fishing”

  1. John

    I will let you know later tonight (Thur) what day we can fish, right now I am leaning toward Sunday. I will let you know both here and on my site.

  2. Sounds good, Lee–I have fishing plans for Saturday, so that works for me.

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