The Ongoing Uninteresting Saga of a Novice Fly Tier

This is my bench. I built it from old furniture, table benches, a wooden door and shop scraps. I wanted something that would work, not fancy and built with stuff laying around. Yankee frugality, maybe. Maybe just stubbornness.

Wait–I’ve got it. Its my latent desire to be green! Ya, that’s it. I’m recycling old stuff for the good of the planet.

There is a 2 1/4″ hole drilled in the top there and under it is protein powder plastic can. The screw top is velcro’d to the under side and then the can screwed into that for easy removal and emptying of accumulated refuse and the occasional bottle cap. The wee brass bead holder is a pull handle from an old sliding wood door.

The working surface is one of those store bought cutting board thingies from Wally World. Works good. I can see stuff on it and it cleans up easily, when I spill gunk on it. Gunk can be a lot of things.

Plastic drawers. When I forget being lazy, I might build some wooden ones. Probably out of scrap. Scrap is good. I have lots of scrap.

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Like a tape set on repeat–winter is a great time to practice tying skills and learning what not to do.

Figured I’d throw some more flies from the last few days up there for those that want a good chuckle.

I didn’t really mean these flies. I was just kidding.


~ by John McGranaghan on January 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Ongoing Uninteresting Saga of a Novice Fly Tier”

  1. The bench is coming along really nice!


    • Hey, thanks Rich. A little at a time. I drive by SRO twice a day at least five days a week, so its easy to drop in and pick up a few things. Kinda like stopping into the candy store for a sugar snack. I’ve been stopping in a lot lately. I keep looking at patterns that I’d like to play with and of course that often calls for some new and different material.

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