Caddis Emerger–a new adventure…

…at the desk.  I found this one over at Charlie’s Fly Box and this is the result of my first try of this pattern.Tying flies is a great hobby and particularly in winter time. I was talking the other day to the fellas down at my ‘local’ fly shop, Stone River Outfitters, and how I thought that tying my own flies last season had me thinking more about bugs, how to fish them and the water column and such, made for a more enjoyable and  successful season–measured both by the ‘fun’ factor and ‘fish caught’ factor. The truth is that I have mostly been a dry fly fisherman, preferring to fish on top and seeing the take–whether by slam, sip or slurp. Some dry fly fanatics out west taught me that way and it just kind of stuck. I’m also of the opinion that in many ways, dry fly fishing is easier and can be very productive provided that you remember to ‘mend your line’; as John Cook of Backdoor Outfitters is in the habit of saying. John taught me how to cast for the very first time and got me started on this journey. Thanks John.

Barr's Green Version

Anyway–my point is that while looking at various patterns that I thought would be fun to tie during this learning process, I chose several streamers, nymphs and soft hackles, in part because of their ease of tying, but also because of their beauty.

Tying these flies made me want to fish them and so last season I spent most of my time on the water throwing, swinging, high sticking and stripping a lot more than dries and learning a wee bit about how to do it, in the process. At times, I felt like a beginner all over again and really had a blast. I found swinging soft hackle’s particularly gratifying and can’t hardly wait to start a new season trying out my winter tying efforts.

I held off learning to tie for far too many years. I suggest to anyone who has been doing the same–quick step it to your local shop for a lesson and gear to begin this adventure.

I feel a more direct connection from rod handle to fish for my efforts. I suspect that you will also.


~ by John McGranaghan on December 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “Caddis Emerger–a new adventure…”

  1. That little Graphic Caddis slays ’em here in the Eastern Sierra Nevada waters!!!…nice tie!!!

    PT/TB 🙂

  2. If you are already fly fishing I am sure you will agree that it s a most addictive sport. It was the act of tying my own flies that made it even more addictive for me. There s just something that gets me every time I catch a trout or salmon on the fly when it s my own artificial fly.

  3. Hi John

    Long time, and I must say those flies do look nice. My fishing buddie that tought me to nymph fish now thinks soft hackles are the way to go. They are fun to swing, just like fishing Atlantic Salmon Flies. Hope all is well and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  4. John

    How do I get a nice icon like planettrout has?? Not sure I like the freeky orange.


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