Pointing Dove Scent Out Back

I took a few pics a few minutes ago  after we did our constitutional in the woods out back.

Bromley is scent pointing doves that were there earlier. He is often convinced that they are still there and doesn’t want to spook them. They aren’t grouse, but I am convinced they have taught him some level of caution. He does tend to creep on them at times and watching him do this many times shows me that he has learned how far he can push. Its going to be interesting this year to see how this carries over to grouse. We’ll be working with pigeons and the launcher again soon to reinforce steadiness and such.

Brom Point Paw Down

Brom Pointing Paw Up

Circling Around With Camera


~ by John McGranaghan on July 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Pointing Dove Scent Out Back”

  1. Parker,

    Greetings from Afghanistan! What a beautiful Blog, love the pictures. Found you via OBS BTW. I’m about to put you on my Saturday Blog Rodeo too. I’m short on time today, but I will be back to read your archives!

    best regards,

  2. Hello Albert. I’m glad you found the blog and that you enjoy it.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and I hope to hear more from you.
    Let us know how you are doing over that way.

  3. man, that’s a cool looking stylish dog! Looks to me like you’re in for fun in the woods this fall.

  4. Great shots Parker, Brom looks quite confident on point. Grey skies and bare November days can’t arrive soon enough!

    • You bet Dave! What with this heat wave that is in the third or fourth week now, we are looking for some change up.
      I’m hoping for a cooler October this season as well–seems like the last couple of years have given us a warm early October.
      I like it crisp and cool when the leaves are bright with color.

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