The Souhegan River in Early May

This is a small river that is nearby and is stocked with browns, brook trout and rainbows by the NH Fish and Game. Its pretty much a put and take river that holds few holdover fish because of flows hindered by several dams in its drainage and the water warms up in summer. Still, it provides some nice fishing in the early season and runs through some beautiful country with classic New England trout water–with interesting runs, riffles, riff-raff and pools. In the warmer weather the areas in front of and behind the dams and spill ways can still provide some action for trout and a few smallies.

A good portion of the country was recipient to a lot of rain this spring and southern NH was not left out, so the streams and rivers have been running real high up until about now.

The water has come down to a pretty nice level. Very wadable with some of the nice pools and runs opening up. The fishing was a bit slow for me up near Greenfield, but managed to land a nice brookie.

A couple of rising fish were bumping several dries, but wouldn’t take what I offered. I got hold of a rainbow that  cleared the water and shook loose my fly as he did so. Sometimes you wish you didn’t mash the barb, eh?
That’s enough to get my heart going and he did. What a sight it is to see a rainbow flash the sun as he jumps; motivated to action by whatever fundamental thing happens when a bug bites back.

Exciting stuff for so close to home.
Man do I love being on the water and wet wading as the temps come up.
We are fortunate indeed to have the time and wherewithall to pursue what we will in such beautiful surroundings.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 4, 2010.

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