OH Bromley Puppy on Grouse

I just dug this picture up taken last season when Bromley was about four months old. I was not shooting over him at that time, but he remained fairly staunch. There were two grouse that flushed out of an old apple tree tangled in rose and briars. This was one of the pups first grouse contacts and I was more than just a little bit pleased. If memory serves, the second photo was late winter and the grouse has already flown. I love my Tucker and he is a bird finding machine and will hunt all day every day, if I didn’t stop him–but this Old Hemlock pup is of a much calmer and deliberate nature. I am really looking forward to watching him develop.

I guess that my mind has started to move toward autumn time; setters, grouse, ‘doodles, waxed cotton, wool and side by sides.




~ by John McGranaghan on July 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “OH Bromley Puppy on Grouse”

  1. very nice shots. Their inherent ability to find game is inspiring.

    Have you done any gun conditioning yet?

  2. Yes–but we are not finished.
    He has had many primered shells shot over him and a few 16 gauge at a little distance.
    So far it doesn’t phase him.
    I’ll be shooting pigeons over him soon, but will maintain some yardage at first, by having a second individual handling gun duties.
    I don’t think Bromley is going to be a problem, but I will go slow and easy, anyway.
    I am open to suggestions regarding these things.
    I have never had a gun shy dog, but don’t want to start now.

  3. Sounds like you are on the right path with it. Just cracked the training pistol off at a distance on Saturday while he was in the thicket. It diverted his attention for a second and then he went back to making game. I need to get a few pigeons next weekend to get him really fired up.

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