Fat Upgrades, Changes and Blue Bling

So as with many things, this too is nearly inevitable. The stock Kona Wo has what I think is a great handling frame with the geometry that I like for the trails that I ride here in New Hampshire, but lacks somewhat in the component area. Serviceable, but with room for improvement. Starting with my trusty old Speedplay ‘Frogs’ to replace the Wellgo heavy plastic flats for clipped in days. Next some blue bling in the form of a Salsa seat clamp and anodized attachment bolts and cage. More serious stuff now includes a 27″ Carbon Monkey Lite bar and Surly Nates front and back. The cheap and heavy triggers and levers had to go so ‘Black ‘n Blue Beauty is now sporting a 2×9 drive train using SRAM 9 Gripshifters and rear D and a much better and lighter (I think) XT cassette and my trusty old Altek alloy levers. This stuff is easily a third of the weight of the original kit and oh so smooth. The grip shifters are what I am most used to, will save my arthritic thumb and allow me to keep warmer hands this winter. All good.

Thanks to my friend and excellent mechanic, Justin Rigoli. 



~ by John McGranaghan on November 24, 2013.

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