Redington Fly Rods

Boy, do I like these folks!

A couple of days ago I was fishing my Wayfarer model 5 pc. 4 wt Redington rod for a short ‘before breakfast’ line wetting. I had caught a nice little brown trout and the poor fella had nearly swallowed the fly. I was able to get it out without too much trouble but I was concerned to begin trout CPR to make sure he returned to his digs in good fashion. In my haste and excitement, I turned and heard the sad crunch of the butt section of my rod which was laying on softball sized rocks. I was, as you can imagine, bummed–but figured

I might be able to fix it and well I’ve got two more rods. The thing is, this Redington 4 wt is my favorite. Because its a 5 piece rod and only 7’6″, it fits mighty handily into my back pack and does the lion share of my trout fishing. My repair attempts failed. I just came back from fishing with one of the other rods, after first finding out that my repair failed and after taking care of the dogs and having a bite to eat, I called Redington to see if I could buy the piece that broke. I told them right up front that I wasn’t looking for a freebie because I had stepped on the rod and it wasn’t the rods fault that I had been clumsy. Maria–over there

at Redington told me to send the entire rod back to them and that they would send me

a brand new rod! I protested with the same logic in response and she just chuckled and said, “no problem–just send it to us–it doesn’t matter”. Wow! What service that is and how rare is such a thing these days. I will remain a loyal customer and encourage you to, also.


~ by John McGranaghan on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “Redington Fly Rods”

  1. The new rod arrived today and in time for my NY trip! Its a new improved version of the ‘Wayfarer’ and called the ‘Wayfarer 6’, as it is a 6 piece instead of the older 5 piece. The best service that I have ever seen. Incredible.
    Good job Redington.

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