Spring Fishing

Well–its been a while since my last post. I blame myself.

I have been enjoying the fishing this spring and in fact bought a MA. license this year for the first time. I took the week off last to do some exploring of two of those rivers, south of the border, that are closer to me than most of what I normally fish in NH. The water levels are frightfully low and this has made the fishing a bit more challenging and yet the action has been decent enough.



~ by John McGranaghan on April 16, 2012.

One Response to “Spring Fishing”

  1. At one time you mentioned wanting to get involved in improving habitat in oiur local waters. Our TU chapter and a lot of other people have been for a few years on a project to improve habitat in the Piscataquog River. One of the next steps in the project is identifying barriers to fish movement from headwaters to the main stem of the river. Sunday in NEw Boston is a training class to learn how to assess culverts and bridges as barriers to Aquatic Organism Passage (primarily for brook trout, but includes others as well.) The training is 4 hours – 2 classroom and 2 in the field doing a culvert assessment. After training, you will be in a pool of volunteers that will team up in teams of 3 or 4 people to assess stream passages in the Piscataquog watershed. We are asking for a volunteer commitment of 20 hours over a 3 month period. EAch assessment takes about an hour to complete and teams would do 3 to 6 a day, depending on availability. Spouses and friends are welcome. Send me an email if you want to attend. Thanks!

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