Mysteries Hidden

From the time I was a little boy, I’ve been fascinated with the mysterious and reachable only with the imagination. During my tad pole and critter tracking to the den days as a very young boy I learned that there were such things. There was one such on my gramps’ property. A river spring that came up under a big flat rock. I could hear it. I could smell it and nearly taste it, but the rock was far too big and heavy for a small boy to move. IF I could have moved it, the mysteries that I would have uncovered. I searched high and low in trying to figure out where it came from or where it went, but I never did. I’ve since gone back to see what brook or such might be nearby in the neighborhood–in places that I couldn’t go of an age. The mysteries remain un-delved. Since then, I’ve found many more. Spring seeps, gurgling mysteries from an otherwise untelling hillside or the most intriguing of all–that place in a small mountain side where a small brook flows from under and behind large glacial boulders embedded into the mountain side. Where do they come from. IF I could get inside and somehow follow its course. Maybe it would open up into a cavern large enough to paddle a small boat. What critters and what fish have made their way to those hidden spots for home and hunting. What fine things would be revealed if a light was struck. Would the waters be sweeter for being deeper. The thoughts still give me shivers…just like they did in the imagination of a little boy.


~ by John McGranaghan on August 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mysteries Hidden”

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  2. Into these places my imagination also burrows…this was a beautiful, beautiful piece of writing…

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